Trigonometry formula for class 10. Trigonometry is the part of Mathematics. It deals with various basic concepts of trigonometry. The whole trigonometry is not discussed in class 10th. Rather it just an introduction for the students. Students have to learn the advanced trigonometry in their next standard. The board exam contains ten percent marks from these topics. Moreover, these topics are not considered as the toughest part in the tenth grade. Although it is a new topic for the student of tenth grade, they can understand these topics easily with the help of this article. We can start with some basic concepts in our following topics.

Basic trigonometry formula for class 10

There are six trigonometric ratios:


S.No Trigonometric Ratio Ratio
1 Sin Ɵ P/H
2 Cosine Ɵ B/H
3 Tangent Ɵ P/B
4 Cosecant Ɵ H/P
5 Secant Ɵ H/B
6 Cotangent Ɵ B/P

Where  P= perpendicular, B=base, and H= hypotenuse.


The above mentioned trigonometric ratios explain the concept behind the application of trigonometric ratios. All these ratios are only applicable to the right angle triangle. The right-angle triangle contains three sides of the triangle namely perpendicular, hypotenuse, and base.

The angle other than a right angle is considered as the trigonometric ratio.


ALL trigonometry formula for class 10 is listed as under.

  • Sin Ɵ =1/Cosec Ɵ
  • Cosine Ɵ =1/Sec Ɵ
  • Tangent Ɵ =1/Cot Ɵ = Sin Ɵ/Cos Ɵ
  • Sin (90 – Ɵ) = Cos Ɵ
  • Cos (90- Ɵ) = Sin Ɵ
  • Tan (90- Ɵ) = Cot Ɵ
  • Sec (90- Ɵ) = Cosec Ɵ
  • Cosec (90- Ɵ) = Sec Ɵ
  • Cot (90- Ɵ) = tan Ɵ



  • Sin2 Ɵ + cos2 Ɵ = 1
  • 1 + tan2 Ɵ = sec2 Ɵ
  • 1 + cot2 Ɵ = cosec2 Ɵ

These are the three main identities that are given in standard 10th. You can derive different formulas and prove from these identities. In order to help students in learning these formulas and identities, we have kept it in standard form. These trigonometric identities are enough to solve the remaining identity.


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