Choosing Stream in Class 11th

When I was studying in class 10th, my parents and teachers told me that I should work extremely hard as this is the most important class in my academic life. Though this saying motivated me a lot to do my best but now I know that it is not that true. Class 1oth is important because this is probably the first time when most of the students face board exams and external evaluation. But it is class 11th that gives an actual turn to your academic life. Because you select your Stream in Class 11th.

stream in class 11th

Suggestions by Citizen Home Tutors For Stream in Class 11th 

Stream in Class 11th is a matter of big concern & importance for all the candidates who are appearing in the 10th-grade Examination. Students are in very deep emotional and mental tension in deciding the stream in their next academics year. Not only students but parents are also very much concerned about the stream selection for their children. And why not? it’s a matter of big concern also. It leads the child to their future destination. The destination of a child is decided through the decision they make in their whole academic years.

Hello friends, I am here to help you out in selecting the stream in your further academic year. With my whole experience and all the researches, I have collected many different criteria on which you can decide your stream more clearly and with great confidence. Go through the article completely and then decide your stream with all your effort and knowledge of understanding.

★ Know your strength while choosing stream in 11th grade

★ Decide your interest while choosing your stream

★ Know your comfort zone

★ Minimize the option of different stream

★ Go with the best availability

★ Every stream has An endless scope

Know your strength while choosing stream in 11th grade

 It’s better to work in an area where you can do better without applying much effort than applying all effort in the less result-oriented area. People have different backgrounds and different mindsets. Many students are mediocre and few of them are intelligent and have a clear view of their strengths and weakness. Before discussing the way of how strength can help you in choosing the stream, let me discuss how to know your strengths and weakness.

You can ask the following questions to yourself to know your strengths and weaknesses.

» Go to report card and mark the top 3 marks obtained subject.

» Sit down and study that subjects book for one hour each.

» Find which subjects encourages you most to study more.

» Mark that subject as your strength. You can recheck it by repeating the process and

» selecting different topics of all the top 3 subjects.

» Once you are confident about that then mark that as your strength.

» You can use it to finding your weaknesses also.

After knowing your strength just hold your breath and think is it the subject to go with or not. If you are still not sure just go ahead in the article.

Decide your interest while choosing your stream

Interest is the only thing that can compel you upon something through all your life. An interesting subject may be or may not be your strength but going with an interesting subject can leave you at any good position in your life. An interesting subject is easy to earn and is self-motivating. Going long along with something always need good motivation and hard work. Which can only be achieved if you are going with your interest? It’s a natural behavior of the humans that he got frustrated and start losing hope in the things which might interest him at some point. So know your interest wisely and combined it with your strength to get amazing. One thing more “the thing which makes you curious is the things that interest you the most”.

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