How to Choose The Right Stream After Class 10th

In my previous post, I told you a few tips on Choosing stream in class 11th. The topic was not complete there & I am going to continue it with a few more valuable expert suggestions.


right stream after class 10th

Know your comfort zone for right stream after class 10th

Be careful with this topic “comfort zone”. Only take the given suggestion if you are still not sure about your selection. All correct, let’s come back to the point, Comfort zone. Comfort zone is the weakest point in the human nature. Many students are interested in some subjects but didn’t go with right stream after class 10th in the further academic year just because of their comfort zone. Never ever miss your interest just because it is hard to learn or it need your more study time or just your enterainment activity is more important than your career. (next article)

Role of society in selection

Always think of building good career rather than just going with the crowd. Think of yourself first before thinking of society. Once you are successful then you become the center of the society. Society only talks about your success or failure. They are not interested in the path taken for achieving that. Always go with your best option. May be it’s hard for you in the starting period but it will definitely lead you an easy life in the coming future. Always try to think of box. “Never be a follower like sheep but try to be a leader like Lion”.

Never fear to take decisions which you think is best for your life. At least, you never regret or blame anyone for your failure. It keeps you motivated in as you have to “prove them wrong”. So never fear to do something which is good for you and your society. It may cost something or all from you but always gives you the best interest.

Now let’s come back to the points we are discussing in our last article”…..”.

Minimize the option of Right Stream After Class 10th

Never go with the flow. Going with the flow means following the crowd or following your friends. It’s your life and you are wholly responsible for your development and downfall. So try minimizing the multiple option for selecting right stream after class 10th for your upcoming academics. You can do it easily by just following the steps discussed above. As a reminder, know your strength then mix it with your interest and then finally leave your comfort zone. By following these three steps you easily select your best option available. Always be choosy in selecting stream as it the most important thing in your academics and career building process.

So finally minimize your option to one or two by ignoring the things discussed above. Be strong and be ready for the hard work.

Go with the best availability

It may be possible in some case that you don’t have any option to go with your interest or strength. Then the best option available with you is going with the current availability. You can select the best option among available one in which you feel you are more comfortable at can easily be understood by you. Or you may go with the option with the best scope in future and with demanding career option. Study hard and make your decision worthy. Your destiny is the work done by your own hand and you are fully responsible and answerable for that. So always hope for the best and go with the available options. Never feel demotivated and heartless if you didn’t find your concerned right stream after class 10th. Just go forward with the article to know the scopes of the streams.

Every stream has endless scope

 Every stream is good. It’s just a matter of mindset and background that they are coming from. Everyone has an expectation that they want to go with. No doubt that’s a best option but no one can say other options are not good or don’t have much options with it. Every stream has an endless scope and has unlimited carrier options connected with them. Just get the knowledge of the stream that you are going with, it can help you in selecting the subjects. Researching the field can be done by discussing with the seniors or with the concerned job oriented with that. It can help you in selecting the stream and also in deciding the different job platform concerned with it. Selecting a good subject is not only the option of building the good carrier. So don’t much decide one and start doing the hard work.

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