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Home Tuition Classes in Delhi

Why do We need Home Tuition Classes in Delhi

Education is the backbone of every country. Country development depends directly or indirectly upon the education of the youth. Youth is the most influential resource in the country. They are like blood running in your vein. If you take a look at some to developing countries, you will find that they give much focus on the education and health sector than any other. Educated youth play an important part in every sector of the countries development. Experience when mix with a young mind gives extraordinary results. It’s not only about the school education system but all the education pattern that we have is in the worse stage.

What we have is an education system is just a bunch of outdated books with all retired syllabus. We have nothing to research in our academic syllabus. No exposure to the real world. The whole book just begins with the theories and end with it. I can make endless count on the corns of the education system that India has. Let’s take you to the broader explanation. In this article, we will discuss separately the different areas in which the government should think to improve the education system.

The education system consists of Outdated books

Less focus on the practical part

No exposure to the real world

Lack of extra-curricular activities

No space for the weak students

Demotivated faculties resulting in demotivated students

Very less scope is present at senior level

Need of Refresher books foe almost all subjects

We all are well aware of the books that we have in our current education system. The books have not been updated for several decades. Apart from some lesson up-gradation, nothing has much change in the books of CBSE (central board of secondary examination) or any other state boards. I have taken examples of CBSE or any state board as these are the major platform of education in INDIA. The books are the building block of academics. The more structured and fascinating books a student have the more he/she like to explore it. Very few of the candidates prefer to read the core book. Students need to take help from various refresher books so they need

Now a day’s kids a very much developed and they love to do practical sort of thing more. The concise form of books demoralizes them in many aspects. Resulting in bad results and low efficiency. The pattern of the book didn’t allow the child to cope with it. And they start preferring side books resulting in more mental pressure and fewer results. There is only one good suggestion in this situation. Hire home tuition classes in Delhi according to your subject problems and rest your tension on them.

Home Tuition Classes in Delhi helps to complete syllabus

The syllabus content that the education system in India has consisted of many different categories. India has a state board, Central board of secondary education, ICSE, IGSC, and IB. The state board has a worse situation of all. CBSE has a large crowd but it’s  syllabus pattern is very old. The rest of the boards are good and they gave overall exposure to the students. The state board is like learning to ride a bicycle where everyone is learning to ride a helicopter. In this world of great competition, one should be very much updated with the market and the demanding syllabus. The syllabus is like the basic structural body of the education system.

To cope up with the current scenario students should take extra help from the tutor. For this, there are many platforms available to get the home tutor directly at your doorstep. Citizen home tutor offers to both home tutors as well as online tutors for all boards and all subjects. We offer very well experienced tutors with immense subject knowledge. Tutors will be available at your doorstep within 24 hours of inquiry.

home tuition classes in Delhi to focus on the application part

The education system that we have right now in India doesn’t allow students to explore much on the ground level. They just go on studying the theory part only. The practical’s that the school or colleges offer is just a myth. No one knows the practical essence behind any of the experiments they offer. Students just learn the experiment as a theoretical concept and perform it without understanding it. Experiments are those which are done by experiments (hit and trial method). If someone just goes and perform some experiments without any mistake, then he hasn’t learned much from it. Students are demotivated to learn any concept with physical examples. They just read any concept for the examination point of view only. They are never motivated to apply those things to the real world that they are living in.

To sort out this issue school and colleges must have to perform regular seminars, webinars and contest regularly. These contests should lie purely on the basic concept of the physical use of the theories in the real world. By promoting this type of thing, we can develop multidimensional thinking skills among the students.

Exposure to the real world examples with home tuition classes in Delhi

We are in the 21st century and everything has developed with time. But the Indian education system is still on the same platform. They have the same classrooms, the same methodology of teaching and the same mindset. Nothing has changed over the decades. Most of the students even don’t know about the technology that is being used in developed countries. The parents only know some carrier fields and they throw their bright mind in the rat race. The society plays an important role in all this situation. Exposure to the real world means one must know the development and downfall of the overall world. Then only one can decide what is best for them in the coming generation. Which carrier option best suits his/her talent.

To solve this problem, the student must have a competitive environment. They must have good exposure to the real world and existing technology. The CBSE should update the syllabus in such a way that students can have an overall development.

Lack of extra-curricular activities

Extra-curricular activities are those activities that are done for the overall development of students. Apart from books and exam students must have to improve in their social character, team building, physical appearance, and mental stability. And all of these can only be achieved through regular practice and active participation in extra-curricular activities. All these things an absent from the current education system of India. They only have some sports event in the name of curricular activities. Most of the schools and parents think that these things are a waste of time and their students will get diverted and result in the last position in this rat race competition.

Most of the students don’t know why they are studying and what they will do after this. It’s the only school and the government that can change this scenario. They can at least try to do so. The syllabus must be equally divided into different categories based on the overall development of the child. Development of the country is always dependent on the development of the young generations.

No space for the weak students

Weak students are always being a matter of concern for any institute/college. They mostly try to just get the pass in the examinations to maintain their reputations. They are not concerned with the problems and complexities that those students may have. Usually, the schools separates them from the good ranking students. But this is not the reality. Many weak students have conquered the world in one way or another. Every student has its pros and cons. The management of the schools must take care of these extraordinary students. Yes, of course, they are extraordinary, maybe not visible by the common man but they must have some hidden talent where they are investing their energy.

The education of India doesn’t give any space to the weak students. Teachers only talk about expanding the syllabus. They talk about increasing competition. They have taken some steps but all go vain. These all can only be improved if they can change the way of teaching. Every teacher either they are in private or government must be trained. Classes’ strength must not be more than twenty. The focus must be given to every student. Every school must contain an equal number of weak and intelligent students in equal proportions. These are the necessary steps that everyone must take as an initiative to upgrade the weak students. Einstein once said,

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Demotivated faculties resulting in demotivated students

If one has to teach the same lesson every time, then everyone will feel boring. As the syllabus mostly focuses on the theoretical part there remains a very narrow gap for exploration. Resulting in marks based study for the students. Students only follow the process of getting good marks. If someone got fewer marks, then the students go in depression and get demotivated quickly. Marks based study is the worst study pattern that should be followed anywhere. The education system should allow some experiments and activity-based exams which may help in the overall development of the students. Motivation comes from exploration. If there is nothing to explore then there are many chances that students will get demotivated.

Very less scope at senior level

Researches and philosophers are the most important people in any country. They are responsible for the development of the country. Their ideas and invention make the country more powerful. Together with the researchers, philosophers also play an important part in changing the psychology of the people inside a country. They motivated the large crowd by their philosophies and inventions. They generate new ideas that help in the overall development of any country. Develop countries spend their lots of money on the higher education system. They motivate the graduates by offering a different scholarship to them. They were the most respected person in the country.

But unfortunately, India’s education system never does many things for their higher studies candidates. In spite of promoting them, they demotivate them by demanding more fees at the higher level. Additionally, a decrease in the no. of seats also strict some bright mind to come forward.

All these discussed topics are very much important and students, So they are in need for Home Tuition Classes in Delhi

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